by peopleschurch
April 14, 2019

Hosanna in the highest heaven!

The word hosanna comes from a Hebrew word meaning “save now” or “save us, we pray.”

It’s a cry of great need, but of great joy, knowing we are heard. The cry of someone who has given up and has no hope and suddenly their savior, their redeemer shows up on the scene. It’s the shout of pure exuberance, an uncontrollable utterance.

I imagine a picture of a prisoner of war, so beaten and tortured that he has nothing left and now has completely given up. Suddenly, the helicopters fly in and the troops come rushing into the camp. They came, they didn’t forget. The deep and utter cry of the heart.

I utterly gave up BUT GOD stepped in and in His mercy forgave my sins and poured out His Grace on me. This is what the people felt on Palm Sunday… Hosanna, in the highest…

Do you need a BUT GOD moment? Hosanna! He has your best interest in mind.